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I am a Canadian based wedding & boudoir photographer. Two completely different genres but they have one very important thing in common…. LOVE! (I know it’s cheesy but it’s true!!!) 

Whether you are celebrating the love you have with your significant other or you are on a self love journey, I wanna be there to support, love & cheer you on!! (seriously I will be your own personal hype woman!)

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The Boudoir

Growing up in a society that validates perfection, where women are constantly struggling with their self worth, I created a safe and inclusive space for all women. A space where women could come and be accepted, loved & encouraged.

I truly believe a boudoir session can be one of the most empowering experiences in a woman’s life. It’s about cultivating self compassion and self love- celebrating your body for where it is right now and loving it well. It takes courage to do this but remember you are fucking amazing and are so deserving. Let me show you through my lens, how incredible you are.. How amazing your body is. I wanna show you that ALL bodies are beautiful and ideal. So let’s celebrate you, and the body you have. I will help and guide you through every step of the way.

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Couples & 
Intimate Weddings

Human connection is magical and beautiful. 
Each of us experiences a love that is special and unique & with that love comes a story.
Your love story. That’s the story I want to capture.

Let’s capture your love story

Beyond grateful for the kind & uplifting words sent to us by our incredible clients (aka Boudoir Babes!). Here are some of their reviews.

“If I could say one thing to anyone who is considering doing a shoot with Alicia it would be… You are worth it. DO IT. There is a saying that goes: you only see yourself from two perspectives- in the mirror and in photos. You don’t see yourself when you are truly laughing or doing something you love. But I promise Alicia will capture that beauty in you and so much more.”

“You know when you can feel someone’s genuine beauty from the moment you meet them?! This woman is truly a gorgeous human being inside and out ! She is ridiculously talented and such a blast to work with!!”

 “My whole experience from start to finish with Alicia and Kelsey was one of the most empowering experiences I have ever had in my life. For the first time I was able to view myself in a different light. I was able to release all my negative body images and be present in the moment and feel the loving and powerful energy that the two them exude.” 

“Receiving my photos from Alicia exceeded all my expectations. To all the women out there looking at boudoir photos thinking that they could never be so vulnerable in front of a camera, trust me you can do it. These girls have your back 100%. They embrace and celebrate every woman’s body and uniqueness, supporting you every step of the way.”

“Alicia was phenomenal through everything, booking, shooting, editing, making you feel comfortable she made everything a complete breeze. Coming from a fellow photographer I was extremely impressed with everything from her professionalism, to her personality. I loved working with her and will definitely be working with her in the future.”

“Alicia has a way of making you feel and see yourself through her lens in a way you would never see on your own. She captures the beautiful and sexuality in such a creative sensual way that can take the breath away from the hardest of critics #ourselves. I highly recommend doing this at least once in a lifetime! The way they show you and make you feel is something I will never forget.”

“Alicia thank you SO much for everything you do and everything you are. How you show up in the world and how you pour your heart into your work. The impact you have on every one of us boudoir babes that step into your studio, will have rippling effects in such a positive way.”

Ready to celebrate YOU!

If you have any questions or would like to chat, reach out below. Would love to connect & create with you.

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