Meet your body positive, upbeat, inspiring, cheerleader, Alicia!

I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m in the business of empowering, celebrating and honoring all bodies.

I’m Alicia Marie, the face behind the camera & your personal hype woman!!!!! 

One of the most common questions I get is, “How did you get into boudoir photography & WHY?” and well let me tell you this was not my original life plan! 
If you would have told me, when I started my education to become a teacher, that I would quit teaching highschool after 4 years & become a professional boudoir photographer instead, I would have laughed. But life has a funny way of leading you down different paths. And I am sure grateful it did because this is what I was made to do!

I’m Alicia!

I realized during that time with her that it was the EXPERIENCE that I loved…. the time spent with her, hyping her up & showing her a different perspective of her body! We both had so much fun. She felt like a million bucks & my heart felt full. 

Which leads into the next question I get asked a lot:

And oh was it worth it!!

So, yes, I was a highschool teacher for 4 years before I went full time into boudoir photography. Now to answer the “How did I get into boudoir photography?” question - well, honestly, it just happened kinda by accident. I was taking photos for friends & family (as a side hustle) while I was in university. I had a friend at the time ask me to do “boudoir photos” for her significant other. I had NEVER done that style of photography before but decided to give it a try with her. My friend was extremely hard on herself and I thought, “Even if we get 1 photo she loves that changes the way she talks about herself it will be worth it.” 

“Why boudoir photography?”

And in all honesty, that is a question that I need to answer in two parts.

One: Because it gave me a way to show women that they are powerful, worthy, & pretty damn amazing. It was a way for me to help the women in my community, as so very often we find ourselves being our own worst critics. Picking ourselves apart. Judging not only ourselves but other women. I wanted to change the way women view and speak about themselves. Hoping that it would change the way we spoke about and talked about other women. Especially for the next generation, which brings me to part two of this question.

To preface this, I grew up in an extremely conservative/religious household. Bodies were meant to be covered & conservative. As a female, your body was for your husband (So boudoir photography was NOT something I thought I would ever do), and I grew up thinking being sexy was “sinful.” I was the only curvy woman in our household - I could never wear the same clothes as my younger siblings who were more petite. I was always told to cover up & never show too much skin. I was honestly ashamed of my curves. I also grew up in the generation of diet culture. My mom & friends’ moms were trying to “lose weight” and were never happy with their bodies, always trying the next diet. Always talking about food & how much they would have to exercise because they were eating a piece of cake. Then top it off, social media and society put magazines out that showed and pushed that “thin was best”. They created/pushed diet culture. It is a multi-million dollar business. One that preys on women, and I really saw this come to light while I was a teacher. My students in grade 11 & 12 would talk about how much they weighed, about not eating for a few days to lose weight “so somebody would like them,” etc., and it was heartbreaking. I realized that it was a learned behavior. Some of the things being said I heard from my own family members. I didn’t want the next generation of kids (my kids) to grow up thinking they need to starve themselves. That “thin” was best. I wanted change. I wanted to break this generational cycle of negative body image. 


So what better way than to embrace boudoir photography - which gave me a medium to show women how incredible & amazing we all are!! It gave me a platform to show that all bodies are worthy of love & acceptance. Yes, that includes Loose skin, cellulite, rolls, dimples, etc. We are incredible & powerful. Every inch of us. It gave me a space to love and accept women. A space that is welcoming and safe for us to celebrate everything that makes us unique! 

And since becoming a mom, boudoir photography became even more important to me. It was a way for me to celebrate my new body after my baby. The new changes. And really, no matter what stage of life you are in, you deserve to be celebrated & loved. 

Fun Facts:

I have a little boy & two fur babies who are my everything.

I LOVE animals (and would own a million if my husband wouldnt disown me hahah) But sea turtles are my fav.

I’m A movie lover & a sucker for children’s disney movies. (name a disney movie I promise I know all the lyrics to the theme songs) LOL 

Black is the best color (shade) & literally makes my heart so happy.

My beige flag is that I want to travel (not vacation) I physically & mentally dont know how to chill. Hahaha I also have "notripahobia".... I always need to have future trips booked. 

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